Dr. W. Petri joins the BDU Thinktank “Future of Chemical Industry in Germany”

With great sadness we have to announce that Prof Brian Maruffi has passed away unexpectedly on November 5th, 2015 in New York. He will be severely missed and fondly remembered.

drpetriconsulting has closed its office in Bern in 2015 and will continue to provide services for Switzerland out of the Berlin office.

Prof. Dr. A. Schönbohm, Dr. Wolfgang R. Petri und Prof Dr. B. Maruffi have published their ground-breaking results for the quantitative appraisal of the value added in manufacturing in the Journal of General Management, Volume 39, No. 4, Summer 2014 titled “MVAC – A quantitative method for measuring value added from improved manufacturing operations”

The authors show how the MVAC (Manufacturing Value Added Coefficient) is used for assessing operational performance, establishing international benchmarks and setting objectives. The paper evaluates critically the one-sided categorization of manufacturing units as Cost Centres and leads the attention to weaknesses in conventional margin assessments.

Prof. Dr. Brian Maruffi et al. have published a framework for the evaluation of CSR strategies in “The Business Renaissance Quarterly-BRQ Volume 9, Issue 1-2, Winter-Spring 2014″ titled “Measuring the Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Processes: A Framework for Assessing, Monitoring and Improving CSR Programs, Practices, Processes and Evaluation”

Prof Maruffi describes a seven step CSR Review Process, which allows companies to characterize their CSR Position and to systematically optimize their cost-benefit position in the wide range of CSR implementations.

The paper “Corporate Social Responsibility and the Competitive Advantage of Multinational Corporations: What is the right Balance?” by Brian L. Maruffi, Ph.D., Wolfgang R. Petri, Ph.D. and John Malindretos Ph.D. has been published in The Journal of Global Business Issues – Volume 7 Issue 2, 69 – 81.

In the study we argue that between the shareholder and stakeholder models of operating multinational corporations, the stakeholder approach is superior.

Dr. W. R. Petri has presented a paper titled” Engineering, Maintenance and Production as a Manufacturing Team” at the Euro Maintenance Conference in Belgrad, Serbia in May 2012.

He explains the efficiency gains, which can be gained from new ways of optimally synchronizing production, maintenance and engineering.

Drpetriconsulting & partner GmbH becomes member of the Swiss Small and Medium Enterprises Association

Dr W. R. Petri publishes a column “Ehrbare Kaufleute, und was nun?“,  VBKI Spiegel Nr. 224, IV.Quartal 2011, page 46

Dr. Wolfgang R. Petris a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V. and has obtained the title „Unternehmensberater CMC/BDU Certified Management Consultant“ of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes  ICMCI.

drpetriconsulting comments on the strategic relevance of social responsibility for top management in the column of the “Handelszeitung & The Wall Street Journal, 2.-8- April 2008, Nr.14, page 25”.

Prof. Dr. Brian L. Maruffi joins drpetriconsulting as senior Management Partner and opens group office in New York. Dr Maruffi is Professor of   Management and Entrepreneurship at Yeshiva University’s School of Business., NY (2007)

drpetriconsulting introduces new evaluation parameter „Return on Cost of Production“ for value creation in manufacturing. Publication in io new management, Nr. 12 / 2005, S 48 –51, „Welchen Mehrwert schafft die Produktion?“.

drpetriconsulting discusses critically the role of Top-Management. Publikation  in „Alpha – Der Kadermarkt“ of Switzerland in Tagesanzeiger and Sonntag Zeitung of  24.07.2004 titled „Manager in der Krise“.

drpetriconsulting enters partnership arrangement with PplusI SA in Aix-en-Provence,  Consultants in Operational Strategy.

Dr. W. R. Petri participated at an SQS Workshop on Enterprise Risk Management in Bern, Switzerland on 11-25-2004