Consulting projects require a diagnostic phase, during which a company or parts thereof are thoroughly analyzed. For that purpose we have developed an approach called “Strategic Enterprise Alignment”, (SEA) based on years of experience. The assessment phase is targeted to x-ray a company’s economic intentions, its strategies, economic results and its organizational and operational realities.

In an interdependent company environment effects and causes lie often far apart from each other.  Therefore solutions to existing challenges can mainly be found in a comprehensive, cross-departmental diagnostic approach from top floor to shop floor. By focusing on workflows a SEA-Project typically creates a better-aligned business organization with enhanced performance at lower cost.

Strategic Enterprise Alignment is in essence a continuous management task. We are creating an accelerated solution environment. The approach is suitable for a large company, which has a well-developed strategy and wants to insure that its intent is implemented consistently across the company.  The approach is also useful for mid-size enterprises, which want to establish a clear strategy and translate it into concrete actions across all departments.



Strategy- and Results-Evaluation and Operational Analysis

Parallel to strategy and results evaluation an operational analysis is performed by site-visits, top floor to shop floor interviews, study of work flows, technical conditions and operational document sightings.

The assessment phase is done in close cooperation with the employees and is meant to be already an organizational learning process. It lasts from about 1 week to 6 working weeks depending on the size and complexity of the operations.

In a “Diagnosis Report” the findings will be pointed out. A To-Be State will be defined. Improvement projects will be proposed to management.



Strategic Enterprise Alignment Implementation

Based on the “Diagnosis Report” and management approval a series of improvement projects will be initiated carried out by in-house resources guided and supported by the SEA consultant. Cross departmental teams optimize business processes in a workshop environment. Objectives and Performance parameters will be defined and measured. The consultant provides results reports.

If necessary and upon request drpetriconsulting will identify and integrate additional resources into a project.

More information upon request at  our offices (see Contacts).